This is the Trap!!

Posted on April 6th, 2010

Don’t Get Caught it the Trap

Everyone has that spot that almost always produces great success; whether it’s Monster Walleye in the fall, Crappie in the spring, or Smallies in the summer. You’ve fished them for years and they are the “Go To” spots and have always come through for you… The trouble is, at some point the fish will move or something will change and they are gone.

No, what did you learn while catching these fish, time after time? Don’t tell me, you don’t remember! Well, This is the Trap!! All anglers do it, and regret not paying attention to the fine details that lead to the amazing fishing. It is so important to have a clear understanding of why the fish were there in the first place…Did they follow baitfish? Were they in a bay because they water was warm? Were they in a migration pattern? Were the suspended or on bottom? Here are a few of the important things that are critical to locating fish and understanding why you find them where they are; Barometer, Water & Air temps, overcast or sunny skies, water clarity, wind direction, time of year etc…

One of the things that the G2angling team does is log every single trip we have. Whether we are with clients, pre-fishing tournaments or just fishing for fun with the family, we track ALL details. This allows our team to have a clear understanding of How & Why we caught the fish we did, so if the well runs dry and the fish have moved on, we clearly know what drew them to where they were, and we can try to reproduce the variables over and over again.

Give it a try, it will pay off!!

Cheers, G2Angling…  

Gary Hodge
Angling Specialist
G2 Angling
Courtice, Ontario
T- 1-289-928-0944
E- gary@g2angling.com

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