16 lb. Channel Cat, caught today in Dunnville, ON below the Dam

Posted on April 12th, 2011

Well, I spent 7 hours on the river down in Dunnville, started out at 5 *C, water temp warming to 9 *C, windy with light chop.  Fished at various points up / down the river from Fishmaster Bait & Tackle.  Air temp was 6 *C when I got out on the water at 0800 hrs.  The setup I was using was 30 lbs. braid, with egg sinker, bead, swivel and 20 lbs. fluorocarbon 18″ lead and a Gamakatsu circle hook and fresh cut sucker.

I got into my first channel cat at approx. 1300 hrs, .5 km approx. downriver from the Dunnville dam.  It was a very nice, clean and healthy 7 pound channel cat.  It took five hours of trying different spots, but it was worth it.  I then moved and tried 300 m downriver from Fishmaster Bait & Tackle and tossed  my line / bait out once again.  After waiting for a bite, with the wind still howling and the sun warming up the air slightly, I can tell you, it was well worth the time on the water today.

I saw my rod tip bend slightly a couple of  times, I grabbed my rod and set the hook.  I knew I had a nice one on the line, even with the drag set toward heavy, the fish was still pulling line.  Keeping steady pressure on, I carefully reeled in and delicatly self – netted the best and biggest fish of my life, a 16 pound channel cat.  Wow, what a day !

Ben Patterson

Ben Patterson's 16 Pound Channel Catfish, Dunnville, ON
Ben Patterson's 16 Pound Channel Catfish, Dunnville, ON

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