Lake Ontario Tributary Browns

Posted on December 2nd, 2013

The weather forecast looked promising for Sunday, so I headed to some Lake Ontario tributaries with a couple friends. We were after steelhead, but unfortunately the first trib we planned to fish had really poor conditions. We ventured to another trib with high hopes but unfortunately that trib also had poor conditions. We fished it for a little while and had limited success, so we traveled again to another river. You know what they say… “3rd time is a charm”. We really hoped this would be the case, and it was! We finally hit pay dirt by the afternoon, although we didn’t get into the chrome steelies we sought after. Instead, we found good brown trout fishing, and I even managed to catch a white perch and a chinook salmon. I had success on roe and single TriggerX eggs. With a warming trend approaching this week, the tribitaries should light up with good fishing!

I really like my Rapala waders, they are really comfortable, are great quality and easy to move around in. The RType float rod and centrepin I used performed well in the colder tempuratures, and was a joy to fish and catch trout and salmon with. There is a newer trend to use no stretch line on centrepin reels, but I am a huge fan of Sufix Seige. The Seige line performs well with its supple nature and abrasion resistance, and works great in freezing temps. No stretch line becomes a liability in freezing temps, and I can’t see myself ever making the switch for a few reasons, but the main reason is that I like some forgiveness with a hard-fighting wild steelhead! The G1 floats are also a very nice addition to my float fishing, as they are quality floats. I used a 5 gram float with just enough staggered split shot to compliment the size of the float I used. On the business end I added a micro swivel on my main line just below the split shot, and added a Sufix fluorocrabon leader approximately 18″ long to a size 8 Gamakatsu octopus hook. This set-up is a go-to set-up for me for drifting roe, single eggs, beads, nymphs, shiners or yarn flies. It also works well with light weight jigs in replace of the hook.

Get out and enjoy the extended fall trout season through the transition to ice fishing, you may be glad you did!

Good fishing!

Aaron Shirley

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