Would you spend $12,000. for a fishing rod?

Posted on August 9th, 2022

Made to order! The Naked rods from Japan that cost $12,000

“These rods could never be mass produced,” says Kenji Sasakura, the Sales Manager of Zenaq, the high-end manufacturer behind the exquisite Naked concept rods. “These $12,000 rods are made to order only.”

The secret behind Zenaq’s Naked NC83 Tuna rod lies in the distinctive rod blank. It carries the ripple pattern of a Japanese Katana sword blade, providing the rod with a beautiful taper.

“Our continuous wrapping process prevents any deformation of the blank and creates maximum durability,” explains Kenji Sasakura. “This concept rod embodies Zenaq’s mantra ‘to give form to essence.’”

Instead of conventional thread, the guides are wrapped in a patent pending carbon fibre to blend into the blank and give the impression of an uninterrupted single shape.

A newly-developed hexagonal reel seat is designed to hold even large reels firmly. The surface of each perfectly smooth component is covered with rubber to provide a firm grip. Rubber is also used to provide a cushioning effect for the reel foot and prevents any movement.

Like the grip, the body of the seat is hexagonal to stop any left to right movement of the reel. This stability transmits maximum power and improves the catch rate.

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