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Saugeen River Fishing Update.

Posted on May 15th, 2018

Wayne Sheridan reports.  Featured image is of  friend Shawn with a nice female steelhead he caught in Port Albert, ON. River conditions have changed dramatically the past 3 weeks. Opening of trout season saw flooding and snow flurries but we managed to catch and release 3 big trout. The next weekend was much better, but cool and we caught and released another 3 trout and This weekend, river levels were lower and crystal clear water with mayfly hatches and minnow emergence from the gravel. We still managed to catch one nice male brown trout.

Best times to fish Saturday May 19, 2018: 3:48pm to 708pm, 312am to 654am

Flyfishing: minnow, white dun and assorted Mayflies, red worm imitations

Good luck fishing.  Always dish safely,

Wayne Sheridan

steelhead leafs
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