Hi Italo, just wondering what pound test braid I should use while trolling with dipseys for lake erie steelhead. I plan on running Sufix 832 braid. Also, will that braid damage my rods (Shimano Compre) or reels (Shimano Tekota LC)? Thanks for your help.Dave

Posted on December 15th, 2016

Hi Dave, 30 lb. Sufix 832 will work fine for both Lake Erie steelhead and walleye. Most quality rods are equipped with silicate-carbide guide inserts that have a hard surface and are not affected by the coarse texture of braid running through them, so you should be fine.


Make sure you use a short “snubber” to give you some shock absorption when steelhead strike and fight. Remember that the braid has not stretch which is great for hook-ups, but some “give” is best when a steelhead jumps & rolls in the line….God bless you.

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