Hi Italo- I still have an autographed hat and a flourescent pink sweatshirt(yes i still wear it) from 1986 seminar in London. Love your show.Love to go fishing with you sometime.Do you have New logo t-shirts available to purchase? Keep up the good work with the show and educating us.I am never too old to learn.Thanks Tony

Posted on March 13th, 2017

Hi Tony, thank you for your kind words. Glad you still have the “retro” autographed hat & fluorescent sweatshirt, they go back many years!! Unfortunately we don’t sell Canadian Sportfishing paraphernalia so hold one to what you have, they are collectors items. Glad you are continuing to enjoy our TV shows. Hope you have an excellent 2017…God bless you.

Italo with Canadian Sportfishing Cap - Brown Trout
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